Welcome to Pandorient Cyprian's Secret In Search of the Past
3 tomes
The Music Box
3 tomes dans la série

The Music Box

Résumé des tomes

Tome 1 : For her eighth birthday, Nola receives a marvelous present: her late mother Annah's music box. It has the most enchanting melody, and inside the globe... is that a little girl waving? And calling for help?! Before she knows it, Nola has shrunk down in size, slipped through the keyhole, and entered the world of Pandorient, where even the most ordinary-looking citizens can have extraordinary powers—and where danger could lurk down every hallway. Nola must help her new friends save their mother from a mysterious malady—all the while making surprising discoveries about Annah's past, and—maybe—her own future...

Tome 2 : Having recently discovered the world of Pandorient, Nola can't resist the temptation to go back. Unfortunately, she didn't choose the best day! The streets of Pandorient are packed with people. Today, they're celebrating the 350th birthday of King Hectorian the First! It's not easy for her to blend in. Luckily, Anton the great Merlinian is there to give her camouflage powder. But it's no time for festivities! Nola, Igor, and Andrea have a mystery to solve: will they learn the secret of Cyprian, Anton's son? And will they be able to thwart the terrible plot brewing in the shadows?

Tome 3 : When she gets home from school, Nola senses a strange presence. What's happening? Has someone crossed into the Hexaworld? With help from Igor and Andrea, the mysterious trespasser is unmasked. What a reckless breach! Anton and Mathilda were clear: no one should pass through the gates of Pandorient! So when a group of Pandorientians appears in Nola's room on a quest to find Pandoccident, she and her friends have no choice but to fear the worst. Are both worlds now in danger?


Europe Comics

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