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5 tomes
Milo's World
5 tomes dans la série

Milo's World

Résumé des tomes

Tome 1 : Milo lives in a house by a lake. He's often alone, but he's used to it. One day, he comes across a beautiful golden fish, and his whole world is turned on its head! Milo soon discovers that, just on the other side of the lake, there's another, magical world where a battle between good and evil is in full swing. It's not long before he realizes that he didn't find this world by accident...

Tome 2 : This second episode of Milo's World transports us to the other side of the lake, where Milo and Valia discover a strange village inhabited by little people. Their presence there doesn't go unnoticed, and they're soon sought out by a powerful sorcerer, who sends a whole horde of fantastical animals to destroy the village. The two children have no choice but to run for their lives! But why is the sorcerer after them in the first place?

Tome 3 : Milo's whole world is turned upside down. He is invited to 'the other side' by the sorcerer, Valia's father. Not so long ago the sorcerer was Milo's enemy, but now he needs the boy's help. The situation in the village is getting desperate. The golden fish is very ill, and the children and Valia have been captured by the Black Queen's giant spiders. Milo sets out to look for them, and finds himself running into one surprise after another...

Tome 4 : The village on the other side of the lake is under attack by the Black Queen, a.k.a. Milo's transformed best friend Valia, and her army of disgusting, ferocious, and hungry giant spiders. After she captures the village children, Milo leads the counter-attack against the Queen's fortress to free the kids. But Valia's power grows stronger by the minute, and Milo must quickly figure out how to tame his own new magical gift in order to defeat her before it's too late. Unfortunately, all he seems to be able to do is create harmless pretty things like flowers and cuddly animals...

Tome 5 : Milo and his friend Valia are busy bickering as usual when all of sudden, giant Jack-in-the-beanstalk type plants rip through the panoply of clouds and come crashing down to Earth. Immediately afterwards, they find a young girl lying unconscious in the river, who turns out to be a princess from a different world. This world, located high above their own, has been invated by hideous screaming creatures that feed on human brain energy, and before you know it, Milo and his friends, followed by two incompetent policemen and a crotchety old farmer, are racing up the giant plant to escape the monsters and try to save their new friend's world.


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