The Survivors - Episode 1
The Survivors - Episode 2
The Survivors - Episode 3
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The Survivors   Tome 1
The Survivors - Episode 1

The Survivors  |  Tome 1
The Survivors - Episode 1


During the early days of the colonisation of Aldebaran, the second colony ship is lost in transit with all hands, prompting Earth to abandon the project and strand the first wave of colonists. And yet, not everyone perished with the ship. A small group of survivors find themselves on a shuttle, headed towards an unexplored planet. Faced with the dangers of their new home as well as dissensions within the group, they soon discover they may not be alone…



Informations complètes

version numérique

Format BD en ligne
intérieur 55 pages
publié le 17/07/2015
isbn 9781849188425
isbn papier 9781849182171
langue anglais
Tomaison 3 tomes
audience à partir de 16 ans
sens de lecture de gauche à droite
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