The Vanishing
The Red Cairns
Eye of the Maelstrom
The fourth dimension and a half
The Lowlands
The Arena
Before the Midnight Child
7 tomes
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Alone   Tome 1
The Vanishing

Alone  |  Tome 1
The Vanishing


Ivan, Leila, Camille, Terry, Dodzi. Five children who have never met each other, who live very different lives in a small city. Then, one day, they all wake up in their empty homes, walk out into empty streets and wander through the empty city… No adults, no other children; just the five of them eventually finding each other, and forced to band together to face the inevitable questions – and the dangers of a modern city suddenly emptied of its inhabitants.



Informations complètes

version numérique

Format BD en ligne
intérieur 58 pages
publié le 27/11/2015
isbn 9781849188326
isbn papier 9781849181969
langue anglais
Tomaison 7 tomes
audience à partir de 12 ans
sens de lecture de gauche à droite
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