Billy The Kid
Ghost Town
Dalton City
Jesse James
In the Shadows of the Derricks
Ma Dalton
Barbed Wire on the Prairie
Calamity Jane
The Wagon Train
Tortillas for the Daltons
Western Circus
The Rivals of Painful Gulch
The Tenderfoot
The Dashing White Cowboy
The Daltons in the Blizzard
The Black Hills
Apache Canyon
The Escort
On the Daltons' Trail
The Oklahoma Land Rush
The 20th Cavalry
Emperor Smith
A Cure for the Daltons
The Judge
The Stagecoach
The Bounty Hunter
Lucky Luke Versus Joss Jamon
The Dalton Cousins
The Grand Duke
The Dalton's Escape
Lucky Luke versus The Pinkertons
Rails on the Prairie
The One-Armed Bandit
The Daltons Always on the Run
The Singing Wire
The Daltons Redeem Themselves
Doc doxey's elixir
The man of Washington
Phil Wire
The Daily Star
Lone Riders
The Bluefeet are coming!
Lucky Luke versus Pat Poker
Tying the knot
The Pony Express
Dick Digger's gold mine
The Dalton's amnesia
Seven stories
The Painter
The Beautiful Province
Under a Western Sky
Legends of the West
The Dalton's Stash
Bride of Lucky Luke
Sarah Bernhardt
Belle Starr
Bridge Over the Mississippi
Kid Lucky
The O.K. Corral
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Lucky Luke (english version)   Tome 38
Doc doxey's elixir

Lucky Luke (english version)  |  Tome 38
Doc doxey's elixir


In this early adventure of the famous cowboy, Lucky Luke is dealing with one of the plagues of the Old West: quacks. “Doctor” Doxey is a con man, a charlatan who brews up useless elixirs and sells them as miracle cures for every ailment known to man. But he doesn’t stop at that and occasionally causes illnesses himself, the better to cure them—a behaviour that does not sit well with Luke...



Informations complètes




version numérique

Format BD en ligne
intérieur 49 pages
publié le 07/05/2013
isbn 9781849186698
isbn papier 9781849181419
langue anglais
Tomaison 64 tomes
audience à partir de 13 ans
sens de lecture de gauche à droite
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