Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Camille
Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Fouad
Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Darius
Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Park
Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Noah
Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Jonas
Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Ultimatum
Alter Ego - Cycle 2 - Teehu
Alter Ego - Cycle 2 - Delia
Alter Ego - Cycle 2 - Gail
Alter Ego - Cycle 2 - Verdict
11 tomes
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Alter Ego (english version)   Tome 7
Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Ultimatum

Alter Ego (english version)  |  Tome 7
Alter Ego - Cycle 1 - Ultimatum


The groundbreaking revelations that drew Camille and Miep together are yet to be fully brought to light. The two young women present an ultimatum to Urasawa and the billionaire Grynson. However, they fail to take into account the huge financial and logistical power at Urasawa's disposal, that is from now on inherently linked to Noah, son of the president of the United States, whether he likes it or not. Noah appears to have lost all reason, having become obsessed with the power and profit that U-Tech's findings could bring him. It's a disaster waiting to happen...



Informations complètes

version numérique

Format BD en ligne
intérieur 65 pages
publié le 25/05/2016
isbn 9791032800782
langue anglais
Tomaison 11 tomes
audience à partir de 16 ans
sens de lecture de gauche à droite
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