Save Me, Pythia - Volume 1
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5 tomes
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Save Me, Pythia   Tome 1
Save Me, Pythia - Volume 1

Save Me, Pythia  |  Tome 1
Save Me, Pythia - Volume 1


Pythia lives in Delphi, in Ancient Greece, and between her classes at high school and her part-time job at the temple of Apollo, she leads quite a normal, boring life... until the day that she refuses Apollo's advances and he places upon her a terrible curse. She is now able to predict the future, but whenever she sees a catastrophic event on the horizon, no one believes her warnings and she is helpless to stop it from taking place. However, her new skills draw the interest some of the highest authorities: Zeus, the king of the Gods, entrusts her with a mission. Zeus has fathered yet another bastard child, a boy named Xanthos, and his wife Hera is on the war path. Wherever Xanthos goes, she rains down misfortunes and disasters, but maybe Pythia's prophecies could help the arrogant young Xanthos to survive the wrath of Hera.



Informations complètes

version numérique

Format BD en ligne
intérieur 192 pages
publié le 19/10/2016
isbn 9791032802083
langue anglais
Tomaison 5 tomes
audience à partir de 6 ans
sens de lecture de droite à gauche
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