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5 tomes
5 tomes dans la série


Résumé des tomes

Tome 1 : Angelino, a young loser like thousands of others in Dark Meat City, lives in a squalid hotel room in the Latin Quarter of Rios Rosas with his buddy Vinz. His days are spent between monotonous channel-surfing and working at the occasional odd job. Luckily, the Mexican wrestling matches he loves so much are on TV. From dead-end jobs to metaphysical discussions under starry skies with his buddy, his life slowly ticks by, until a seemingly banal scooter accident changes everything. Angelino suddenly finds himself in the middle of a hurricane of unimaginable trouble, involving heavily-armed men in black, gangs of all kinds, Mexican wrestler vigilantes, and even depraved cosmic entities with shadowy intentions!

Tome 2 : After fleeing the deadly chaos in the neighborhood of Palm Hill, Angelino and Vinz are pursued by men in black, determined to capture them at all costs. The time for taking things lightly is over: a price has been put on their heads. And then there are these monsters… The world is going crazy. Or are they the ones who are losing their minds? Things tend to become confusing when one must face the rampant irrationality of an imminent alien invasion…

Tome 3 : The time has come for Angelino to do some soul-searching! The secret of his origins is finally revealed to him when he is abducted by aliens, which forces him to question his entire belief system. From prison cells to motel rooms, the truth slowly begins to surface, revealing the darkest extremes of the human soul… But our hero’s troubles are far from over: indeed, Angelino and Vinz find themselves at the heart of the urban riots that ravage Dark Meat City, which are slowly turning into an intensely violent gang war. And then there is the threat, more present than ever, of a Third World War between the United States and North Korea…

Tome 4 : Dark Meat City is shaken by a series of ever-growing riots, which bear an increasing resemblance to a civil war: the resulting crackdown by the Section Z-7 is so brutal that the city’s worst gangs and rebellious citizens unite behind a common, demanding symbol: the color green. While fierce, pitched battles rage throughout the city, Angelino, Vinz, and Willy, the eternal losers, are reunited at last and decide to return to Povera Heights, Willy’s neighborhood, where he claims to have a huge stash of money hidden beneath the floorboards of the dump he calls a house. But the Macho invasion accelerates, and transforms Dark Meat City into a raging inferno that seems impossible to escape… incidentally unveiling Angelino’s terrifying abilities in the process! With the destruction of Dark Meat City, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an invasion of giant insects, and Ezekiel’s Wheels, this penultimate volume of Mutafukaz is a nod to the biblical texts of Saint John, and an immense tribute to ad Inferno disaster movies.

Tome 5 : Dark Meat City has been gutted after the Blitzkrieg of the Machos, entities spawned from the darkest matter of the Universe. Humanity has no other choice than to unite its forces and try to resist, since counter-attacking is impossible. The unified gang of Dark Meat City, aka “The Big One”, organizes its troops and fraternizes with the army, in a last-ditch survival effort to survive. But even as the situation appears hopeless, and Angelino’s old demons catch up with him, the first snowflakes begin to fall on the city…



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