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5 tomes
Hedge Fund (english version)
5 tomes dans la série

Hedge Fund (english version)

Résumé des tomes

Tome 1 : Frank Carvale is arrogant, ambitious, and willing to do anything it takes to get ahead. He's clever, too, but maybe not as clever as he thinks. A chance meeting with a magnate in Hong Kong could either be the big break he needs—or the biggest mistake of his life. A financial thriller set at the heart of the international economic crisis.

Tome 2 : Nothing can get in the way of Frank Carvale's rise. At the head of one of Wall Street's top-performing investment funds, he has so many people vying for his services that he's forced to turn away all but the very wealthiest, with a buy-in set at twenty million. What could go wrong, especially with Frank's mentor behind the scenes, the seemingly omniscient Bilkaer? And when a new product comes along to invest in, something called subprime mortgages, Frank's earnings spike further still, making him one of Wall Street's brightest stars. But for how long?

Tome 3 : Manipulated by billionaire and high finance kingpin Bilkaer, Frank Carvale has become the scapegoat for the subprime crisis, and is paying a heavy price for the role he's played. Will he ever step foot outside the prison walls again? Whatever the case, revenge might just be within reach. Revenge... and possibly even redemption.

Tome 4 : When a botched Ponzi scheme landed Frank Carvale in prison, he thought he'd spend the rest of his life behind bars. But thanks to a lucky break, he's back at the head of Bright Capital, a high-powered hedge fund. This time, Frank wants to get things right, and a proposal from African-born heiress Josephine Paxton-Richet seems like the perfect opportunity to do some good in the world. But feeding the people of Eritrea—and keeping his board happy—might not be as easy as it seems...

Tome 5 : Frank Carvale, a star hedge fund manager specializing in ethical investments, hoped to use a wealthy client's money to feed the poor in Eritrea. But the Eritrean president turns out to have other ideas: namely, enriching himself by selling off his country's land to the Chinese. Frank's quest to make a difference—and make money for his board—will thrust him into a dangerous showdown with a dictator as well as a confrontation with his old nemesis: Ergyu Bilkaer.


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